Quality Workforce

Educated. Diverse. Driven. Meet the West Memphis workforce.
The heart of a seven-county labor shed with a 200k population, West Memphis is part of the 1+ million-person Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area. But around here, workforce strength means more than quantity.

The Best Trained
A national leader in workforce training, West Memphisai??i??s Mid-South Community College (MSCC) is home to the cutting edge Workforce Technology Center.

Here, local, regional and national businesses find all the resources they need to outpace the competition at everything from recruiting to technical training, including:

  • Targeted Recruitment
  • Employee Testing
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Pre- and Post-Employment Classes
  • Employee Orientation
  • Technical Training
  • Customized Training (Onsite, or at your facility)
  • Safety Training
  • And much moreai??i??