Lower Utilities

Industrial Utility Rates up to 25% lower than other providers.
How do we do it? The city-owned West Memphis Utility Company owns positions in two power plants, and so receives significant power at producer rates. After blending with open market rates, the resulting industrial user rates are less than other area providers. All four of West Memphis distribution parks have these utilities in place.

Electricity: West Memphis Utility Commission
Transmission Voltages:161,000
City Primary Voltages:8,000-13,800
Service Voltages Available:110 - 208 - 220 - 440

Water System: West Memphis Utility Commission
(figures are gallons/day)
Pumping Capacity:12,000,000
Peak Consumption:10,000,000
Daily Average:7,500,000
Surplus Capacity:4,000,000

Sewer System: Municipal (figures are gallons/day)
Peak Sewer Treatment:4,000,000
Surplus Capacity: 1,500,000