Lower Fire Premiums

Tens of thousands in savings based on ISO Fire Rating of 1.
As recently as August 2007, the West Memphis Fire Department scored an ISO Rating of 1 from Insurance Service Office, Inc.

Used by insurance companies to set fire premiums, this extraordinarily low number can mean tremendous savings on insurance when compared with peer cities in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas, many of whom rate as high as 6 on the risk scale.

Add to that the peace of mind that comes with having a world-class fire department at the ready, and another West Memphis advantage becomes clear: Lower premiums, higher security.

For more information check out the article from August 2014.

West Memphis Fire Protection
Paid Firefighters:72
Volunteer Firefighters:0
Water Pressure:3500psi (min)
Equipment:14 units
Fire Insurance Rating1
[effective August 2007]