Foreign Trade Zone Status

Huge potential savings with Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) or Sub-Zone designation.
As designated Foreign Trade Zone #273, West Memphisai??i??s IDI Interstate Commerce Industrial Park offers importers the potential for reduced tariff exposure. We can even help you establish a Sub-Zone anywhere in Eastern Arkansas!

FTZ and Sub-Zone advantages include:

Duty Deferral for High-Volume Importers
Import and store unlimited inventory worry-free and duty-free. FTZ status lets you store more inventory, improve cash flow, and manage overhead costs better by deferring duty payments until items are sold and shipped out.

Dramatically Reduced Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF)
For companies in West Memphis Sub-Zones, high MPFs are a thing of the past. Receive as many shipments as you can handle for one low weekly fee, regardless of the number of containers.

Interested in learning more about Foreign Trade Zone? Download our PowerPoint Primer.

Is an FTZ or Sub-Zone right for you? Contact a West Memphis FTZ Consultant for a fast, free analysis of your operation.

Merchandise Processing Fees without FTZ status
25 Shipments/week$12,125
50 Shipments/week$24,250
With FTZ status
25 Shipments/week$485
50 Shipments/week$485