As the third-largest rail center in the U.S., West Memphis offers access to five Class-I railroads, making it a perfect springboard for large container shipment in any direction.

West Memphis offers two mainline rail-bridges crossing the Mississippi River, including the Burlington Northern Santa Fe to the Port of Seattle. Need direct access to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach? Just take advantage of our Union Pacific Intermodal Yard. Over 600 containers, 65% of them from the Pacific Rim, are offloaded here daily, just two days truck haul away from 75% of the national population centers.

Minutes away, Memphis is the gateway for Canadian rail, with direct access to the Pacific Rim and Europe through the Ports of Halifax and Prince Rupert. In addition to saving 50-cents on the dollar per square-foot, West Memphis businesses can effectively cut 100 hours off shipping times to north China.

Days Transit
Time By Rail
Kansas City2
Los Angeles5
New York4
St. Louis1