West Memphis is the #1 point of diesel sales in America. Here, at the intersection of two of the nationai??i??s busiest interstates (I-55 and I-40), your business is just a two-day truck drive to 75% of Americaai??i??s population centers, as well as Canada and Mexico. Your proximity to the new I-69/NAFTA Corridor will make reaching destinations like Mexico City and Toronto easier than ever.

West Memphis offers many of the additional benefits of a major trucking center. There are more than 200 common contract carriers in the Memphis/West Memphis metropolitan statistical area, which means a concentration of drivers, fueling program options, maintenance and repair operations, LTL options, and third-party logistics providers.

Approximate Mileage to:
Atlanta, GA343
Birmingham, AL223
Charlotte, NC523
Chicago, IL485
Cincinnati, OH417
Dallas, TX412
Houston, TX482
Indianapolis, IN389
Jackson, MS197
Kansas City, MO365
Little Rock, AR128
Louisville, KY353
Oklahoma City, OK414
St. Louis, MO240
Tallahassee, FL472