Just 20 minutes away, Memphis International Airport has dominated as the worldai??i??s busiest cargo airport since rankings began in 1991. Handling more than 3 million metric tons of cargo each year, it also serves as FedExai??i??s global operations center.

West Memphisai??i?? proximity to FedEx means area companies effectively enjoy an extra half-day of productivity per day, all thanks to next-day shipments as late as midnight. The sheer volume of flights and delivery options can accommodate virtually any production cycle, and many businesses have taken advantage by operating a third shift.

Within the city limits, West Memphis Municipal Airport offers small plane access with a 6,000-foot lighted/high-intensity approach runway.

Air Cargo Rankings
Volume in Metric Tons
SOURCE: Airports Council International, 2005
Memphis International3,598,500
Hong Kong International3,433,349
Stevens Anchorage International2,553,937
Narita International2,291,073
Incheon International2,150,140