April 18, 2011

Crittenden Regional Hospital’s Work Team slashes wait times, keeps workers healthy

When it comes to building and maintaining a strong and flexible workforce, West Memphis has all the bases covered – including health and wellness.

Crittenden Regional Hospital administers a worker wellness and occupational health benefits program that is unique for the area – yet another reason it makes sense for businesses to turn to West Memphis.

CRH’s Work Team is a comprehensive worker’s compensation program provided to local companies, in most cases at no charge. Companies are required to sign up in advance and fees do apply for some services.

When a workplace accident occurs, common practice dictates that an employees supervisor accompanies the injured employee to medical facility, often resulting in hours in a walk-in emergency clinic or ER department at a hospital and delays in receiving paper work.

With Work Team, when an accident occurs, a participating company calls ahead to CRH and the employee is evaluated within 10 minutes, the employer gets an immediate report on the employee’s status and the hospital takes care of all the worker’s comp paperwork.

Once an employer signs up, the Work Team doctor will, upon request, visit the workplace to familiarize himself with the working conditions and get an idea of injuries that could be expected. The program can also provide employee training and certification for CPR and First Aid for a small fee to cover materials.

And in an age when “wellness” is becoming a primary concern for employers, Work Team can also provide no-cost, on-site employee education sessions on topics ranging from nutrition, diabetes and hypertension prevention and smoking cessation as well as employee health fairs.