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Lowell’s Landing Shopping Center 乐活兰登购物中心

I-40/55 at 191 高速公路

这个新型分销中心与拥有84家客房的康福特套房酒店(Comfort Suites)连接,提供了便利跨州可达度。占地10英亩的位址是餐厅、咖啡室和零售的理想地点。位址可作为售至东阿肯色州和孟菲斯市中心(邮政编号:38103)的区域销售中心。

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类型: 销售外包加工

区域: 商业区



40/55号跨州公路: 67,300

邻近设施: 康福特套房酒店, 凯丽套房酒店, Cracker Barrel, Flash Market Travel Center, Southland Gaming and Racing Facility

阿肯色州游客欢迎中心 - 每年拥有超过二十万游客,透过跨州公路直接到达位置

Ward Wimbish
Director, Economic Development

The overview information provided in this packet is to inform the prospect of detailed information regarding the site in question. Information is subject to change without notification. Information is provided by sources deemed reliable, however, it is the responsibility of the prospect to determine the suitability of the site for his particular use. The City of West Memphis does not warrant the accuracy or comprehensiveness of any information provided herein. Please contact the Office of Economic Development at 870.732.7500 for the most current information.