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Goldsby South Site-FTZ Sub-Zone Eligible 南格斯比物业-享受对外贸易区次级区域待遇

阿肯色州西孟菲斯 Airport Road (州高速118)

位于Airport Road (州高速118),接近I-40、I-55和西孟菲斯港。位址现为农地,在12.8公里内可达联合太平洋装货场。

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面积: 288 英亩,可分割
区域: I-2-C
预备: 已清除绿地
接近铁路: 联合太平洋主线(0.4公里内)
接近港口: 西孟菲斯港口(8公里内)
跨州公路: I-40(4.8公里内)、I-55(6.4公里内)
四线公路: US 70(3.2公里内)
面向大路: Airport Road (州高速118)
汽油服务: CenterPoint Energy,位址内
水源: 60 psi, 市有水源系统,12”,容易加长
下水道: 提供必需的主要管道,其他可依水泵负载能力增加,在位址内没有附加费
废水限制: Ph 5.5 – 10.0 油和油脂(SGT-HEM)不可超过100 mg/L(所有其他限制均根据联邦分类标准)
电力: 市政府免费提供电力
电费: 标准工业费用最少$7,000,kW $7.00附加费。超过1,000 kW电费每kWh $0.0352(详细收费讯息请联络经济发展办事处)
防火: ISO 2
邻近商业: TIP Intermodal, Simplot, United Refrigeration, 可口可乐装瓶中心, Stateside Steel, Diaz Chemicals, Kinder Morgan (西孟菲斯港的营运商)


Ward Wimbish
Director, Economic Development

The overview information provided in this packet is to inform the prospect of detailed information regarding the site in question. Information is subject to change without notification. Information is provided by sources deemed reliable, however, it is the responsibility of the prospect to determine the suitability of the site for his particular use. The City of West Memphis does not warrant the accuracy or comprehensiveness of any information provided herein. Please contact the Office of Economic Development at 870.732.7500 for the most current information.