August 4, 2010

Federal stimulus funds rebuilding key West Memphis industrial artery

Work is under way to rebuild Glen Bailey Drive, a four-lane road connecting Missouri Street with 7th Street in West Memphis. The project, being paid for with $1.4 million in funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will rebuild just over half a mile of the road to truck route standards.

Glen Bailey provides primary access to an industrial area that is home to a number of facilities, including Temple-Inland, Langston Bag and Kinder Morgan Warehouse. The road has become prematurely damaged due to earlier-than-expected truck traffic, and is in fact impassible in some places.

In an effort to make the project more sustainable, existing asphalt pavement is being ground up and used as the base for the new concrete surface. Weather permitting paving should begin in early August. Plans call for the road to re-open some time in the fall.