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Ferguson South Site-FTZ Sub-Zone Eligible

Acreage/Dimensions: 354 acres, sub-dividable
Zoning: I-2-C
Preparation: Cleared Greenfield Site
Nearest Rail: Union Pacific Mainline (within A? mile)
Nearest Port: Port of West Memphis (within 2 miles)
Interstates: I-40 (within 3 miles), I-55 (within 4 miles)
Four-lane Highway: US 70 (within 2 miles)
Road Frontage: Rainer Road
Gas Service: CenterPoint Energy, service at site
Water: 8ai???, 16ai???, 60 psi on site, City owned water system
Sewer: Available on site, City owned sewer system
Wastewater Limitations: Ph5.5 ai??i?? 10.0 Oil & Grease (SGT-HEM) not to exceed 100 mg/l
All other limits will be based on federal categorical standards.
Electricity: 13.8 kV at site, City owned electrical system
Electricity Rate: Typical Industrial Rate of $7,000 minimum demand charge Plus $7.00 per kW of demand in excess of 1,000 kW Energy charge of $0.0352 per kWh
Contact Economic Development for complete rate information.
Fire Rating: ISO 2
Surrounding Businesses: Coca-Cola Bottling, Stateside Steel, Diaz Chemicals, Tetra, Tandem Leasing, Kinder Morgan (operators of Port of West Memphis)

Ward Wimbish
Director, Economic Development

The overview information provided in this packet is to inform the prospect of detailed information regarding the site in question. Information is subject to change without notification. Information is provided by sources deemed reliable, however, it is the responsibility of the prospect to determine the suitability of the site for his particular use. The City of West Memphis does not warrant the accuracy or comprehensiveness of any information provided herein. Please contact the Office of Economic Development at 870.732.7500 for the most current information.